Phragmites Outreach Program for Oakland Township Residents

Phragmites does not recognize property lines, so we want to partner with you! This large, invasive grass can spread quickly, choking out native plants, degrading habitat for wildlife, and creating safety and maintenance problems for property owners. We realize that our efforts can only be successful if we collaborate with township residents! Oakland Township Parks and Recreation (OTPR) is offering residents a cost effective and simple program that is modeled after existing, successful programs in nearby communities.

The Program is Simple

  1. OTPR acquires a permit from Michigan DEQ (MDEQ) to allow Phragmites treatment in wetlands
  2. Pre-qualifies certified contractor(s) to perform this work
  3. Requests competitive quotes for labor and materials to treat Phragmites on property of landowners requesting estimates
  4. Contracts with certified companies and bills the property owner (at cost). Oakland Township Parks will not make money from this program
  5. Completes the end of season treatment report and submits to MDEQ

The landowner only has to request a no-obligation cost estimate, agree to treatment, and pay the contractor for treatment on their property (at cost).

To participate, landowners, homeowners associations, or businesses can submit a request for a no-obligation cost estimate by August 1, 2016. As a courtesy to our contractors, applications received after August 1 cannot be considered. Please contact Ben VanderWeide, Natural Areas Stewardship Manager, with any questions or concerns at 248-651-7810.

No-Obligation Cost Estimate Form

What to Expect

While the abundance of Phragmites should be much lower after the initial treatment, you should expect to continue follow-up treatment for 3-5 years for complete eradication. Larger, older patches take longer to remove. To get ready for late summer herbicide treatment, mow or knock down dead Phragmites stalks by mid-May. This will make herbicide treatments more effective.

To learn more about Phragmites control check out this great resource: A Guide to the Control and Management of Invasive Phragmites

Phragmites does not recognize property boundaries! Catch your Phragmites while it is small and easy to control for the best results.
Phragmites does not recognize property boundaries! Catch your Phragmites while it is small and easy to control for the best results.

Grant Funds Phragmites Control along Major Oakland Township Roads

Oakland Township will be treating invasive Phragmites along major roads right-of-ways in August and September 2016. Phragmites (pronounced frag-MY-tees) is a grass that grows primarily in wetlands and can reach heights of 15 feet or more, leading to safety and environmental problems. Phragmites can cause hot, damaging fires if ignited; blocks views at intersections; and impairs drainage in ditches and streams, damaging road infrastructure. This large grass forms dense stands, crowding out habitat for wildlife and native plants.

Oakland Township Parks and Recreation is participating in the Oakland County Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (OC CISMA), which was recently awarded a $243,775 Michigan Invasive Species Grant in 2016. This grant will be used to develop a strategic plan for all of Oakland County; coordinate invasive species control among cities, villages, and townships; and perform on-the-ground treatment of high-priority infestations of six invasive species. Visit to learn more. Treatment of Phragmites along major township road right-of-ways is funded by our portion of the grant.

Please visit the Oakland Township website to view the map showing road right-of-ways where Phragmites will be treated. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Ben VanderWeide, Park and Recreation Natural Areas Stewardship Manager, at 248-651-7810.