Educational Opportunities

Please come out and join us for one of our events!  Updated information and any last minute changes to these events can be found at this website. Details for each event are found below the table. You’ll need to pre-register for these events at

Winter 2022 Stewardship Education Events

EventLocation DateTime
LECTURE: “Hummingbirds of the Great Lakes,” Allen Chartier VIRTUAL January 136:30 pm
LECTURE: “Pollinator Conservation in Our Backyards & Local Parks,” Dr. Mary Jamieson VIRTUAL February 36:30 pm
Prescribed Fire Crew Volunteer Training VIRTUALFebruary 269 am to 2:30 pm
Birders at Draper
Wednesday bird walks are a great way to meet other nature-minded people.

LECTURE: “Hummingbirds of the Great Lakes”

In Autumn 2001, the Great Lakes HummerNet was formed by Allen Chartier, primarily to learn more about hummingbirds in the Great Lakes region, focusing on Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in Michigan by enlisting the help of volunteer observers throughout the region. Data is gathered through observation as well as banding studies. Other species of hummingbird that occur as “vagrants” are also studied. This presentation will describe the research objectives of the project, tell you how you can participate, provide helpful hints on how to attract and feed hummingbirds, provide hummingbird gardening tips, and review what has been learned so far. It will also review the status of other species of hummingbird confirmed to occur in the region.

Among his many interests, Allen Chartier is the Project Director for the Great Lakes Hummer Net, has been a contributing author for various projects with National Geographic, and in 2018 published a “Field Guide to Birds of Michigan.

LECTURE: “Pollinator Conservation in Our Backyards and Local Parks”

Dr. Mary Jamieson will review some causes and consequences of pollinator decline and what’s being done to help support pollinators in our local area. She’ll highlight research, education, and community engagement efforts aimed at characterizing and protecting plant and pollinator diversity across Southeast Michigan. This talk will introduce research efforts to monitor pollinators in Oakland Township and Oakland County Parks and conclude by providing suggestions for how we all can contribute to pollinator conservation.

Dr. Jamieson is a Biology Professor at Oakland University, where she studies plant and insect ecology. Her research group focuses on understanding ecological interactions between plants and their insect pollinators and herbivores in natural, managed and agricultural ecosystems. Work by Dr. Jamieson and students in her research group have examined how environmental change influences plants and insects – from species interactions to patterns of biodiversity. Through research, education, and community engagement, this work aims to promote and protect beneficial insects and the plants they depend on.

Volunteer Fire Crew Training

  • Saturday, February 26, 2022, 9:00 am to 2:30 pm
  • Paint Creek Cider Mill, 4480 Orion Road, Rochester, MI 48306
  • Register required at

If you are interested in volunteering with our prescribed fire crew, join us for this training workshop. We will cover reasons for using prescribed fire, preparations for conducting a fire, necessary tools, roles of each burn crew member, and ignition patterns. New crew members are required to attend; past volunteers are encouraged to attend as a refresher. Snacks provided, but please bring your own lunch. 

New volunteer fire crew members
Fire Crew Volunteers Walter, Alex, Jon, and Dena (L-R)

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