Photo of the Week: Are These Trees “Talking” to Each Other?


Path to Bear Creek from Twnsp Hall

The path through the forest from the  Oakland Township Hall to Bear Creek Nature Park last summer.

Well, we can safely say these trees are communicating!  In the soil, a giant network of mycorrrhizal fungi wraps around tree roots, connecting them in a “wood wide web.” Trees nourish their own saplings and shaded fellow trees this way, keeping the tree community healthy.  Trees may also release chemical messages into the air or soil “Wood Wide Web” (“mycelial network”) to warn nearby trees of coming insect pests. When attacked by insects, trees release chemicals to lure predators to prey on those insects. The blossoms of some trees release scents to attract pollinators.  A community of “talking” trees!  Quite a thought!

One thought on “Photo of the Week: Are These Trees “Talking” to Each Other?

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