Thanks to Our Stewardship Crew, a Hard Workin’ Group!

I can’t believe I already have to write this goodbye post; it seems like just yesterday this crew was starting out, learning what it takes to be a well-oiled habitat restoration machine. Like previous years, our natural areas stewardship team has picked and sprayed its way through garlic mustard, crown vetch, swallow-wort, a multitude of invasive shrubs, bittersweet, and Phragmites. To top it all off each person has written several amazing blog posts about topics like golden oyster mushrooms, Blanding’s turtles, cow parsnip, and fens. We were able to accomplish so much this summer. Without their help the parks wouldn’t look as good as they do now!

Cassie returned to Northern Michigan University where she is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in fisheries and wildlife management. Emma returned to Ohio University to continue her bachelor’s degree in field ecology with a certification in environmental studies. Finally, Camryn is exploring opportunities to continue her career in the field of ecology.

Their curiosity, infectious positivity, and love of nature were greatly appreciated this summer! The effects that they have had on our parks will be seen for years to come. We wish them the best of luck in their next endeavors. We will miss you guys!

One thought on “Thanks to Our Stewardship Crew, a Hard Workin’ Group!

  1. Thanks for this tribute to another great summer intern group. We volunteers and members of the birding group all loved their spirit, humor, willingness to take on any job no matter how strenuous, solid knowledge base and their writing skills! What a find they were!

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