Friday Photos: Playing Multiflora Rose Jenga

At the Charles Ilsley Park prairie restoration workday on Tuesday I tried out some time-lapse photography to show the progression of shrub removal. Cutting a large multiflora rose patch by hand is like playing Jenga: you have to choose the next shrub or branch to remove carefully or it’s game over.

Join me next week Tuesday from 10 am to 1 pm as we keep working on the multiflora rose, autumn olive, and other invasive shrubs and trees in these fields at Charles Ilsley Park. I can’t promise the beautiful blue sky I enjoyed this week, but we’re sure to have a great time anyway!

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About Ben VanderWeide

I am the Natural Areas Stewardship Manager for Oakland Township Parks and Recreation in southeast Michigan. I have a doctorate in biology (focused on plant ecology) and I am passionate about protecting and managing natural areas.

5 thoughts on “Friday Photos: Playing Multiflora Rose Jenga

  1. Wonderful time exposed way to undertake this removal–makes me want to keep the small bushes in the back yard under control.

    Barbara Smith

    1. Hi Barbara – every little bit helps with controlling invasive species. If you wait too long control becomes a big project – like my projects! It is very rewarding to knock out a big patch of invasive plants, though 🙂

  2. Love the video! Although I like collecting the rose hips, this wild rose is nasty stuff to run into. Yes, be careful!

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