Friday Photos: Playing Multiflora Rose Jenga

At the Charles Ilsley Park prairie restoration workday on Tuesday I tried out some time-lapse photography to show the progression of shrub removal. Cutting a large multiflora rose patch by hand is like playing Jenga: you have to choose the next shrub or branch to remove carefully or it’s game over.

Join me next week Tuesday from 10 am to 1 pm as we keep working on the multiflora rose, autumn olive, and other invasive shrubs and trees in these fields at Charles Ilsley Park. I can’t promise the beautiful blue sky I enjoyed this week, but we’re sure to have a great time anyway!

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5 thoughts on “Friday Photos: Playing Multiflora Rose Jenga

  1. Wonderful time exposed way to undertake this removal–makes me want to keep the small bushes in the back yard under control.

    Barbara Smith

    • Hi Barbara – every little bit helps with controlling invasive species. If you wait too long control becomes a big project – like my projects! It is very rewarding to knock out a big patch of invasive plants, though 🙂

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