Photo of the Week: Phragmites Progress at Gallagher Creek Park

Human memory is a funny thing. We like to create our own versions of events in our minds, so when I need to track progress over time, I know that it’s important to have a separate, objective record. We regularly use photo monitoring to document changes in the natural communities in our parks. Most of the photo monitoring points were established in 2011, so we have about 7 years of photographic records. Not a long record, but long enough to see big changes in areas where we are doing active land management.

Check out this series of pictures from Gallagher Creek Park. These photos illustrate the growth of Phragmites patches until they were treated in 2014. We have done follow-up treatment every year. When I check each Phragmites patch before treatment, I am a little frustrated when I see Phragmites resprouts. But these photos remind me how far we’ve come. We plan to wrap up Phragmites treatment in our parks next week, so expect to see (or not see) smaller Phragmites patches in the future!

Photo Point GCP03: Looking west on Silver Bell Road

The large willow tree on the left side is a good reference point.


Photo point GCP03. August 30, 2011.


Photo point GCP03. July 16, 2012.


Photo point GCP03. September 4, 2013.


Photo point GCP03. August 28, 2014.


Photo Point GCP03. September 14, 2016.


Photo Point GCP03. September 6, 2017.

4 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Phragmites Progress at Gallagher Creek Park

  1. As always a picture is worth a thousand words. But this historical reference shows what a plan and great stewardship can do! Thank you, Dr. Ben!

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