Welcome Back! A Returning Stewardship Veteran

Hello, I am Alexander Kriebel and I have been working at Oakland Township as a year-round part-time Stewardship Specialist since spring of 2017. Although I started last spring with this position, I also worked as a Seasonal Stewardship Technician for Oakland Township for the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

After I graduated from Madonna University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science in 2014, I joined up with the Oakland County Park’s Natural Resource Division and worked seasonally on enhancing the ecosystems in the county parks for 2 years. Not long after I finished up my second part-time season with the County, the Stewardship Specialist position opened up with Oakland Township Parks. I got a crazy idea in my head that I would work for both Oakland County and Oakland Township, basically creating a full-time position between the two jobs. Sure enough, 9 months later I am here working for both Oakland County and Oakland Township.

Despite having to keep 20 something parks and operating procedures separate between the two park systems, things have been going well at both jobs. I have been able to combine the knowledge and lessons from each organization to sharpen my skills, while also providing insight into ways that they can better interact and operate. Both park systems benefit from having an experienced ecological restoration professional by essentially cost sharing the different training opportunities I am getting through each organization. My hope is that by working as a type of mediator that I will help share information and improve both park systems, and ultimately the environment. With the beginning of the new year, I am excited about the possibilities that this year has in store and what we can accomplish in our parks.20582_361391524045708_2612144070447033310_n

5 thoughts on “Welcome Back! A Returning Stewardship Veteran

  1. Thanks for sharing all this interesting stuff, Alex! I didn’t know about the two jobs; what a great (if hectic at times?) solution. Thanks for being here in Oakland Township. Ben’s work really demands more help and your background and experience are a great fit. So glad you’re on board! And so glad to hang out with you in the birding group,too!

  2. Alexander,
    Welcome back to Oakland Township! I am glad you have been able to apply your knowledge and expertise in both the Township and County Park systems. I trust that your career will be as fulfilling for you, as it will be for the citizens of our Township and County as we enjoy the benefits of your hard work.
    Good luck and welcome back!

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