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  1. Cam,
    Thank you for all the beautiful pictures and park information you post all year long. It is very much appreciated.
    Merry Christmas,

    • Thank you very much, Karin. As I tell people all the time, I feel so lucky to be tasked with learning about nature and then being given a venue to share what I’m learning. Nothing could be better. I’m so glad you read and enjoy the blog. It’s a pleasure for me.

  2. Oh, Camie – is there ever anything as enchanting as trees drenched in ice while the sun approves with sparkling beams?? Astounding beauty. And yes, I know it’s very hard on the trees, so thank goodness it only happens once or twice a season! Thank you for the remarkable photo and Christmas wishes! Gerre

    • You’re right, Gerre. Those icy nights to make for magical mornings. Glad you enjoyed the Christmas greeting. Have a joyful holiday season.

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