Fighting common buckthorn with a song… check out this video!

Today I’m sharing a great video from the New Ulm, Minnesota Community Buckthorn Removal project. They are working together to control common buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica) in their community! A great watch if you’re up for a laugh and a quick buckthorn ID lesson.

The description of the video says, “Over the past 25 years, buckthorn, brought from Europe as a landscaping plant, has escaped to become one of our most ubiquitous and destructive species in the landscape, choking out native trees and shrubs for light, moisture and nutrients in addition to reducing diversity of plants, shrubs, wildflowers and songbirds. It forms an impenetrable thicket or understory in woods, destroying nearly all other plant and wildlife habitat where it grows.

The Buckthorn Song was created to raise awareness about the New Ulm, Minnesota Community Buckthorn Removal Project and the importance of removing buckthorn from personal property and surrounding woods. Please help to control or eliminate the spread of buckthorn in your community. Thank you!”

Be a good neighbor – take care of your invasive plant species!

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