Gathering Native Seeds: A Peaceful Way to Make a Big Difference


Some of us are hunters in the autumn.  And then some of us are gatherers.  If you’d like to help our parks and trails bloom with beautiful native grasses and flowers and would enjoy spending a peaceful fall morning outside, we could use your help!  Dr. Ben has scheduled Seed Gathering Days for the following mornings from 9 am -12 pm: Saturday, Oct 24 and Tuesday, October 27.  We meet at the Paint Creek Cider Mill parking lot before heading to the collecting location of the day.  Ben provides bags, shows us the seeds we need to pick and we spend a few quiet hours in the towering grass,  listening to the birds, breathing fresh air and chatting as we fill our bags.IMG_0735

Some of us gather the seeds of native wildflowers which are closer to the ground(like the ones at these links) – Blazing Star , Woodland Sunflower, and Shrubby Cinquefoil .


Mountain Mint seeds beginning to be gathered

Those of us with bad backs (namely me or maybe you?) gather the seeds of tall grasses like Indian Grass or Big Bluestem.

Big Blue Stem

Big Bluestem

Big Blue Stem seeds

Big Bluestem seeds

It’s a peaceful way to be out in the autumn air and the native seeds you gather will make our parks and trails more beautiful, healthy and diverse.  Please join us!

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