Your Opinion Counts: Take the Oakland Township Parks Master Plan Survey!

2015 Oakland Twp Master Plan Open House Photo

Residents share their input at the 2015 Oakland Township Parks Master Plan open house

We are working on our 2020-2024 Master Plan for Parks, Recreation, and Land Preservation, and we are looking for your input! Our township and park system are special because of the focus on open space and natural areas, and we value your input to determine the best way to continue that vision. We use the results of these surveys all the time to guide our park developments, natural areas stewardship work, land acquisitions, and programming.

You can find the survey at this link, or copy and paste into your browser. It will take 15-20 minute to complete. We are looking for the feedback everyone who uses our parks, both residents of the township and non-residents, so I hope you will take this time to share your perspective with us!


On Thursday, May 23, 2019, township officials, staff, residents, consultants, and friends gathered to celebrate the opening of new playground and path facilities that help us create a sense of place.

Your opinions are important to the 5-year Parks, Recreation and Land Preservation Master Plan! Your input will help shape goals, objectives and projects. Again, you can find the online survey at Or if you prefer a hard copy, you can stop by the Parks and Recreation Office, 4880 Orion Road, Second Floor of the Paint Creek Cider Mill. The survey will only be available until October 9, 2019!

While you’re at it, save October 23 on your calendar so that you can attend the Master Plan open house. We’ll have sessions in both the afternoon and evening so that you can stop by to give us more feedback in person. Hope to see you there!


Paint Creek Junction Site Plan

Residents told us that trails were important, so we worked on trail improvements in several parks. This plan shows the concept plan for the new trailhead at our Paint Creek Junction Park along the Paint Creek Trail. It will on Orion Road between Adams and Clarkston Roads.

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